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The college is located in the area of London known as ‘The Square Mile, which includes the City of London, Bank of England, Monument and other key City Institutions. The actual location of GLC is on Fleet Street –which is world famous for the newspaper industry and journalism, plus the Inns of Court and Royal Courts of Justice.

Blackfriars and the River Thames are two minutes’ walk from the college, along with the beautiful gardens and courtyards of the Inns of Court and the impressive St.Pauls.

The Romans originally established a settlement known as Londinium in AD 47, in the reign of the Emperor Claudius. This small river outpost grew in status as a key river crossing and trading centre. After the departure of the Romans, came Viking and Saxon invaders, followed by the Normans in 1066. Our location also offers the flavours of English history including the Tudors, the Stuarts, the Georgians, the Victorians and currently the House of Windsor.

This wonderful history and diversity of culture, through trade and settlement, has made London unique and currently the number one ‘must see’ destination, for international visitors. The City of London and the London Stock Exchange are major attractions to the worldwide business community. This has led to a demand for quality education, including English language and Business Studies.

As part of the City of London, Global London College offers students a professional, yet friendly, atmosphere, with experienced tutors and first class facilities. Students who require accommodation and a meeting and greeting service are also catered for.

The college is currently listed with Pearson, Trinity and The Independent Schools Inspectorate and the UK Home office.

We wish you an enjoyable and successful educational stay with GLC.

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City of London library visit GLC

Today we had a visit from the Head Librarian at the library behind the college, Shoe Lane Library. She came to give students library membership cards and tell students about how long they can borrow books for, what type of books are available and how they can help with their...
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