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  • “The quality of teaching is good. Teachers motivate their students to work hard and provide interesting activities to help them apply their learning.”
  • “The quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners’ achievements is good.”
  • “Teachers use imaginative activities very successfully and create a relaxed atmosphere so that students enjoy their learning. In business lessons teachers provide stimulating case studies and materials which help students to apply their new knowledge to business situations.”
  • “Teachers assess and track student progress effectively through regular tests and homework.”
  • “Success rates in external examinations in English Language are high and the vast majority of students on IELTS courses achieve an increase of at least one grade within the allotted timescale.”

Welcome from GLC

The first thing you will notice about our college is its amazing location! We are 2 minutes from the river between St Paul’s Cathedral and Covent Garden in London’s historic heart. Next door is the Cheshire Cheese pub where Charles Dickens used to drink and behind our building is the house of Dr Samuel Johnson where he wrote the first English Dictionary in 1755!

As well as our varied academic courses we also provide a social programme which includes great sightseeing such as boat trips to Greenwich, watching criminal court cases in the Royal Courts of Justice or viewing Picasso’s paintings at the Tate Modern art gallery.

One concern of students is that their college is reputable with committed staff and hardworking students. Rest assured we have accreditation from the British Council, ISI and the UKBA and only employ teachers of the highest standard. We are also very thorough with our admissions policy and only admit students who are as committed to their academic progress as we are.

We hope you will join us and see all that London has to offer students.

Global London College

City of London library visit GLC

Today we had a visit from the Head Librarian at the library behind the college, Shoe Lane Library. She came to give students library membership cards and tell students about how long they can borrow books for, what type of books are available and how they can help with their...
GLCadminFebruary 3, 20150

The Heart Of London