Attendance Monitoring

Attendance monitoring requirements


This section describes the requirements and procedures that apply to all colleges as a  Tier 4 Sponsor and to all enrolled students. Where possible, references are made using direct links to official documents provided by the UK Visa and Immigration  (UKVI).

Students must attend 100% of classes. A record of students’ attendance is taken for reference when students apply for an extension of their visas. The regulations for language schools require that the College takes responsibility for reporting, to the Home Office, the students who have registered and then failed to attend without any acceptable reasons.

Attendance reporting

Global London College has strict policies on monitoring attendance of all its students. The attendance monitoring team of the college visits each classroom daily with an attendance register to double check each student`s attendance and to ensure that the system is not abused. Any student found attempting to abuse the system gets immediately suspended followed by a disciplinary action. The system automatically shows absences, and a warning letter or an email is sent to a student who misses five expected contacts. If the student misses 10 expected contacts then his registration will be cancelled and the student`s attendance will be reported to the UKVI

The college has zero tolerance for students with poor attendance and poor academic progress.

Global London College is required to track student attendance and report the following information to UKVI:

  • Students who have missed 10 expected contacts without approval from Global London College.
  • Students who failed to enrol by the end of the enrolment period set by Global London College.
  • Students who voluntarily withdraw from Global London College.
  • Students that Global London College has decided to withdraw from the course.

In addition to the UKVI requirements, Global London College will consider students who missed 5 expected contacts to have unsatisfactory academic progress and withdraw such students from the course.

Expected contacts and study hours

The primary form of attendance monitoring is by tracking expected contacts. This applies to all students at Global London College. The following is a list of valid expected contact events:

  • Attendance at a lecture, tutorial or seminar
  • Attendance at a test or examination
  • Submission of assessed or unassisted coursework
  • Submission of draft or interim dissertation or coursework
  • Attendance at a meeting with an academic staff member
  • Attendance at a workshop, Industrial visit or trip or conference organised by Global London College.
  • Registration for a course of study or Induction day.

Study hours are no longer monitored separately. Instead, study hours are monitored as part of expected contact events such as lectures, tutorials and seminars. Students who are late to an expected contact event by 30 minutes or more are considered to have missed the event.

Following are some examples of expected contact events and study hours monitoring:

  • A student has a 4 hour lecture timetabled and is absent without an approved reason. This is 1 missed expected contact.
  • A student has a 4 hour lecture timetabled and is 35 minutes late. This is 1 missed expected contact.
  • A student has a 3 hours lecture timetabled on the same day as a coursework due date. The student does not submit the coursework and is also absent from the lecture without an approved reason.   This is 2 missed expected contacts.
  • A student has lectures timetabled for 3 different units on the same day. The student is absent from all 3 lectures without an approved reason. This is 3 missed expected contacts.