Global London College runs their Enterprise & Employment Club is FREE and run on behalf of the community.

Global London College has learned that the increased participation of residents in determining the delivery of services is essential to the provision of high quality and responsive services.

Global London College is fully committed to working in an inclusive way to try to respond to the expressed needs of City of London residents, workers and the wider community.

Wherever possible we aim to support enterprise and employment opportunities towards improved social and economic well being for City of London residents, workers and the wider community.


Fast Track to Employment 6 weeks course  in the CITY of LONDON

Why not Take Part?   Let us Help YOU Shape YOUR future!

What is on offer –  Innovative Personalised support to get into work or self employment?

One to one

Getting back into work can be very daunting. That’s why  we at GLC provide a fast track into employment with embedded coaching, support, information, advice and guidance.  We will assist you in creating  an action plan tailored around your career goals and development needs.

Group Training and Workshops

We aim to help you improve on your  confidence and employability skills. to help you get your career off the ground.

The workshops will cover these topic plus  others….

  1. What employers are looking for?
  2. What have you got to offer ?
  3. Complete presentation skills
  4. Personal, Professional and Social Development  includes Values and motivators
  5. Coaching, includes personal and professional Goal setting
  6. How to write cover letters and emails
  7. CV writing – Give your CV the CITY factor*
  8. Getting an effective reference
  9. Understanding and completing the  Job Application pack
  10. Effective job search includes hidden jobs market
  11. Latest interview techniques
  12. Making networking fun!
  13. Got the job, now what? includes Expectations, Teambuilding, Conflict in the workplace
  14. In work support, includes momentum and keeping that job!
  15. Referral opinions to our partners to support you

Next steps

Once you have experienced and  reaped the benefits of GLC fast track to employment short course,  Why not boost your career even more with  our other  courses to move your career dreams even further?


Ethnic DiamondzLimited

Business Training Overview

  • We intend to promote long-term investment in young people, families and communities. The company wants to promote a sustainable short-term business education development plan, and provide the necessary support for implementing such plans.


  • One of the first milestones is to build the mind-set capacity of the student enabling them to think and act like entrepreneurs.
  • To provide the learner with training information that empowers them to develop a business, and connect them with the appropriate business training.
  • To support the client with the appropriate business skills information focused on providing their communities with a product or a service.
  • To assist the learners with gaining business skills that are required to succeed in a business environment: Basic skills as thinking skills, decision making and problem solving, also other self-management techniques.