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Terms & Conditions


1. The minimum age for enrolment at the College is 16+, unless otherwise specified in the course description.

2. Enrolment on a course at the College constitutes a binding contractual agreement on the student to attend all classes, lectures and examinations, abide and comply with the College rules and                   regulations and pay the necessary course/ tuition fees.

 As a student you will also be expected to submit all written work before the required submission deadline and pay the prescribed awarding body registration fees which are separate from College tuition    fees.

3. Applicants who satisfy the relevant course entry requirements and pay the tuition fees will receive an unconditional offer letter to study at the College.

4. Fees and charges must be paid in full to the College in London directly. Students will not be permitted to commence the respective course or semester until fees and charges are paid in full. In particular students should not make any payments to anyone (e.g. an agent) other than directly to the College’s London Offices. In the event of students making unauthorised payments to third parties such payments will not be credited to their accounts as the College will not accept responsibility for any such third party payments.

5. Outstanding Tuition fees can be paid by instalments with agreement from the College Admissions Office.

6. If a student’s application for a Visa is refused, the college will refund the student’s tuition fees less the £500 Administration charge, provided all the following conditions are met: 

a. The student has not entered the U.K.

b.The student provides the College with the original “Refusal Letter” issued by the British Embassy / High Commission and the copy of the refusal stamp in the passport. The College will                 then         forward the same to the Embassy for verification. 

c.That no false documents were submitted. 

d. Where a Student has lodged an appeal, the fees will only be refunded after the College receives documentary evidence that the appeal has been dismissed

e.The original Letter of Acceptance and the receipt for fees paid must be returned to the College.

f.The refund application must be in writing. Any refunds payable under this policy will usually be made within 8 weeks of receiving the completed written refund application Refunds will be paid by cheque      or bank transfer for currently enrolled students.

7. You are also advised to read the Tier 4 application guidelines very carefully regarding the   Submission of proof of maintenance (bank statements).

           Tier 4 of the Points Based System – Policy Guidance  

If your application is unsuccessful because of reasons for which you are responsible e.g.  submitting false documents or not providing proof   of your maintenance, we will NOT issue another CAS nor a refund.

8. Anyone who provides false documents to Global London College (GLC) or the UK Government Agencies or Overseas Missions  with their VISA application will have their application terminated and will not receive a refund.

9. Additionally, students who do not score ten points under the UK Government Tier 4 points based scheme  for their financial statements will not be eligible for a refund of 50% of full payments.

 10.If an applicant has used deception such as submitting a false document to the UKBA or British High Commission for getting UK Entry Clearance, they will not be eligible for any refund. In this case, the       applicant will have breached UK immigration law and Global London College (GLC) reserves the right to terminate his application and the student is not eligible for any refund whatsoever. The use of       deception will lead to automatic refusal of all future visa applications by the United Kingdom for 10 years

11. For courses leading to qualifications awarded by the ATHE, IAM, BCS, OTHM, ACP, IMIS, CTH etc, student must pay the relevant Registration and Examination fees directly to the awarding body before the specified deadline. Please visit our website

12.The College endeavours to start each course on the specified date, and reserves the right to delay, modify or withdraw any course after the published start date for any reason without prior notice.  An alternative course or subject will be made available or a pro-rata refund of the course fees returned.

The College takes attendance extremely seriously. Overseas students (non-EEA) on a Tier 4 student Visa must attend a minimum of 15 hours full-time per week, and where attendance is less than 85% the College will not issue an Attendance Certificate.

13. If a student is absent through ill health, after 3 absences  a medical certificate must be supplied.

14.The college will not tolerate any student in breach of UKBA rules. If the student stops attending we will not fail to withdraw the student’s sponsorship by  the College

15.The information in the College’s prospectus is correct at the time of going to press and Students are advised to contact the college to confirm course availability and fees.

16. If a student supplies false information at any stage, their CAS / Visa will not be accepted or valid

17.The information supplied in the Application Form will be used by the College for enrolment and reporting purposes, and some of the information will be stored on the College computer system. Under the UK Data Protection Act 1998, we have a legal duty in respect of  the  personal information we collect from you. We will only use the personal information you supply to us for the reason that you provided it for. We will only hold your information for as long as is necessary to fulfil that purpose and/or our statutory legal duties. We will not pass your information to any other parties unless this is made clear to you at the time you supplied it. All employees and contractors who have access to your personal data or are associated with handling of the data are obliged to respect your confidentiality. 

18.Students are required to comply with Home Office regulations regarding attendance. If a student`s attendance falls below the expected level , Global London College (GLC) reserves the right to terminate the student`s course

19.Students are required to take all tests and complete all assignments that are part of the course.

20.Students should arrive for lessons on time as late arrival at the start of the class or after breaks is disruptive to the class as a whole. Late entry to a class must be in accordance with the College’s  student lateness policy.

21.Global London College (GLC) reserves the right to suspend, expel and refuse admission to any student without refund in the event of established misconduct, unsatisfactory attendance or work.

22.Global London College (GLC) reserves the right to cancel a course batch in case the total number of students enrolled is 5 or less. Under such circumstances, students can be transferred to other suitable courses or to the next available course batch.

23.Global London College (GLC) reserves the right to alter courses, course fees, timetables or location of study at its sole discretion.

24.Global London College (GLC) reserves the right to split or merge a class at any time.

25.Global London College (GLC) reserves the right to change the teacher of each class at any time. Global London College (GLC) is an equal opportunities employer and as such employs native as well as non-native speaker teachers. B2  English Language and above classes are only taught by native speakers.

26. All fees must be received before the commencement of the course.

27. When paying by bank transfer, students are responsible for all bank charges.

28. All refund applications must be submitted within 4 weeks of the Visa refusal date or course start date, whichever is the earlier. Failure to do so may lead to the application being refused

29. Students are required to inform the college with documentary evidence before the course start date if they are unable to start the course on time. In such cases students may be deferred to the next   available course. Students unable to join the next available course will have their registrations cancelled without any fees refund and will be required to make a fresh application for the next course.

30.Books are not included in course fees. Students are expected to buy a course-book. Students may choose to also buy a workbook as well as some supplementary materials (your teacher will advise you). 

31.Course fees do not include travel expenses, accommodation, social programme events, external examination fees, personal and health insurance, bank charges or course materials (e.g. books, cassettes, photocopies, pens, pencils and paper).

32.The College can assist you to secure accommodation in the UK .  Accommodation bookings should be made at least four weeks in advance of arrival in London.

33.The length of permissible holidays varies with the length of the Course. Holidays may be taken at any time by arrangement but we require at least two weeks` prior notice. Please note the students cannot take holidays at the beginning of the course or at the end of the course. 

34.The dates indicated in the Global London College (GLC) holiday schedule are included into students` holiday period.

35.    Global London College (GLC) will keep student records on its computerized database. It is the student’s responsibility to keep us informed of all changes in personal circumstances.

It is mandatory for all students to notify the college if there is a change in any of the following:


»  change of telephone number.

» change of email address.

» changes of address in the UK and/ or the student’s home country

» changes to next of kin contact details (contact name, telephone numbers for emergencies)


36. Global London College (GLC) will not be held responsible for changes introduced by the Home Office which might affect a student`s status.

37.Global London College (GLC) will not be held responsible for loss or damage to private property. Global London College (GLC) will not be held responsible for any post that is lost or delayed.


38. All students are expected to behave in a respectful and orderly manner. Any aggressive or violent behaviour and / or abusive or threatening language directed towards a member of staff or fellow students and / or wilful   damage to Global London College (GLC)`s property is considered to be gross misconduct. In the case of such misconduct, students will be held personally responsible for any      costs or criminal charges their behaviour incurs.


39.Global London College (GLC) is not responsible for providing parking or storage for students. This includes bicycles, which should be parked outside Global London College (GLC) at the owner`s risk.


40. No smoking on Global London College (GLC)`s premises is permitted


41.All mobile phones must be switched off during lessons.


42. Photographs may occasionally be taken of students for use on Global London College (GLC) promotional / publicity material. However Global London College (GLC) will get the students permission to use their images for appropriate advertising purposes.


43. It is Global London College (GLC)`s policy not to divulge any personal details of students to a third party, other than to the appropriate authorities, without the students` prior written consent.

         Students are advised to arrange private medical and travel insurance prior to leaving their country.


44.The website may provide links to third party websites. Global London College (GLC) is not responsible for the availability or accuracy of such external websites and therefore cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss caused by or in connection with the use of these sites.


45. International students are advised that under UK Home Office rules the latest date for admission to a given programme of study is two weeks after the published course commencement date .Accordingly, such students are required to confirm their arrival in London two weeks before the expected arrival date. Students who arrive two weeks after the published course commencement date will not be admitted to the course and will forfeit their course fees.


Please make sure that you are familiar with our terms and conditions of enrolment at Global London College. We assume that you have read and agreed to these terms when you enrol with us.  

 Please note the student must sent the sing Terms and Conditions to the college for their application to be proceed.