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Student Services

Pre-arrival Guide

Welcome to Global London College! As you are about to join us for an exciting learning experience we want to make your transition to becoming a Global London College student as smooth as possible.

To help you here is information about:

  ♦ What to expect on your first day

  ♦ What you need to do before coming to Global London College

  ♦ Information about the courses you will be taking

Studying in the UK (Your Safety)

The British council has produced 2 brochures `creating confidence - make sure that your time in the UK is safe and enjoyable`(861KB, opens in a new window) and `Safety first - making sure your visit to the UK is safe and enjoyable` (2MB, opens in a new window) for people interested in studying in the UK.

Studying in the UK (UKBA Full Visa & Immigration Rules) (note: GLC will not be held responsible for changes to a third party websites or regulations) 

You are welcome to come to the campus during the week before you commence your studies to pay fees, apply for recognition of prior learning and to receive your study timetable.

Your Induction commences on the first week of your course.

It is essential that you attend all sessions for your course. These sessions provide valuable information about your course and also let you meet your teachers and other students in the course and introduces you to Health and safety policy, student welfare, life in London, attendance policies, examination sessions, personal teaching assistance and disability policy.

You will need to allow for the cost of textbooks if you want to purchase textbooks for your course. Each course textbook will cost £20 to £30. For some courses you may be able to purchase second-hand books from former students at a lower cost. The textbooks are also available in the library, but demand for these is high and you cannot expect to be able to use only the library copy of the text.

Computing Facilities
As a progressive educational institution, Global London College provides unlimited internet access together with limited printing facility to all its students. Students are advised to consider the environment before printing.

Fee payment processes
You need to pay full fees at the time of your admission.

Payment can be made by:

♦ Cash

♦ Bank Transfers : Please Allow 10 working days for the Bank Transfer to be completed.

Please make sure that you are familiar with out terms and conditions of study (including refund policy) at Global London College. We assume that you have read and agreed to these terms when you enrol with us.

Recognition of Prior Learning
If you have already taken some courses somewhere else or have work experience which may be directly relevant to your course then you may be exempt from some modules of the course.

Open Days
We run Open Days for each of our programs. If you are considering applying to Global London College, they are an excellent opportunity for you to find out how your subject is taught, learn about life at the College and talk to current students. 
At each Open Day, there will be sessions run by the various departments or divisions for that particular course, as well as sessions on finance, accommodation and about being at Global London College. There will also be guided tours of the campus where current students will talk about their life at Global London College.

Pre-application Open Days
Please note that the pre-application open days will take place in July, September, January, March.
To book your place for open day email 
 or visit the college reception.


The College can provide accommodation for every one of our students through our partnership with Britannia Student Services Agency.

You can choose from single, double or triple rooms. All the houses are well- furnished and equipped with everything a house needs.

For further information, please refer to the Accommodation section. Please contact the Welfare Officer for more information.


Alternative / Privately Arranged Accommodation

GLC Welfare Officer is able to offer assistance to students seeking privately let flats, rooms and lodgings, through suitable agencies and by means of the guarantee scheme. Those students who wish to obtain private lodgings or flats, and those unable to secure a place through our partner Britannia are also advised to contact the College office. For more details, please visit Related Links in Accommodation section.

Student Welfare

Ms. Swe Swe is the student`s welfare officer. She is reachable 24 hours a day on the following number in case students have an emergency or need any assistance: 07745824398. 

Induction and Registration 

Career development counselling
The college provides a counselling service and will assist and advise students on matters regarding their current or future studies and on their career development. Welfare support and counselling is available for students who require additional help in settling in the UK or need guidance in personal matters in order to achieve their full academic potential. Support will also be given for structuring CVs of students. 

Health Care
The Student Services team will help students register with a doctor (overseas students are entitled to health care under the National Health Service).

Registering with a Doctor

It is very important that you register with a local doctor (GP) as soon as possible. Your doctor can help with all health related matters. In order to register with a doctor you will need a letter from Student Services If you have come to the UK to study for six months or more, you can use the National Health Service (NHS) and register with a family doctor (GP) like all UK citizens. You can then receive NHS medical treatment, including free medical checkups and hospital treatment. If you are in the UK for less than six months, you may only receive free emergency treatment on the NHS, unless you are from a European Economic Area country, or your country has a reciprocal health care agreement with the UK.

If you have come to the UK to study for six months or more, you can use the National Health Service (NHS) and register with a family doctor (GP) like all UK citizens. You can then receive NHS medical treatment, including free medical checkups and hospital treatment. If you are in the UK for less than six months, you may only receive free emergency treatment on the NHS, unless you are from a European Economic Area country, or your country has a reciprocal health care agreement with the UK.

NHS Walk-In Centres

Walk-in centres offer healthcare advice and treatment without having to make an appointment. You can go there and see a nurse on the same day. They can help you with minor injuries and illnesses (for example colds, flu, stomach upsets) and minor injuries. They can also give you health advice and information.


Before you go to see a dentist, make sure you complete an HC1 form, then check the dentist will take NHS patients, as private dental work can be very expensive.

 NHS Dentistry in London EC4A Area

Abbey Dental Dentists: Address: 224-226  Whitechapel Road, London , E1 1BJ,  Tel: 020 7870 1785   

(NHS & Private Patients Welcome, Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, Orthodontist, Hygienist

Early Morning & Evening Appts  Same Day Emergency Service .      website:


  Pickering Dental Surgeries LtdAddress:103-104, Upper St, London , N1 1QN ,  Tel: 020 7359 6103   

(An NHS Dentist, Oral Health Care... More from website)

Dr. Nick Law Dentessentials Dental Care  75 Curtain Road, London , EC2A 3BS  ,Tel: 02076133399


About Studying in the UK

Studying in the UK provides you with an academic qualification which is respected and valued throughout the world and in addition it also brings an enjoyment of both traditional and modern British culture.The British educational system is subject to rigorous quality assurance audits in order to standardise the quality of education across all institutions in the UK. 
The British Education system is based on a system of lectures, seminars, tutorials and self-directed study. 
Studying for a degree in the UK also gives students the opportunity to develop important transferable skills. Students are encouraged to ask questions, to discuss and analyse their ideas engaging and developing skills that are useful in future careers. 
The quality of UK education is recognised across the world by employers, universities and governments, making it an attractive destination for international students. 
The UK is a multi-cultural and multi-faith country. It offers both strong traditions and a diverse culture to any international student choosing to study here. It`s a cosmopolitan society, and it`s home to over a quarter of a million international students at any one time; this holistic knowledge of global relationship experience is a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience for you. 


The internet is a great place to find information. We have listed some internet websites useful while living in the UK.


Immigration / Visas  Visa & immigration info

                            Independent advisory service helping with visas and immigration matters

Studying in the  UK  Practical advice for international  students  living in UK

                             This site will show you how to enrol at the university 

             ,  Info about courses at universities and colleges in Britain

                            Practice your English with exercises and test

Place of worship       Church of England: St Bride’s Church  (Fleet Street, London EC4Y 8AU)   

                                    Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church (5 Maiden Lane, London  WC2E 7NB) 

                                    Orthodox Cathedral (67 Ennismore Gardens, London SW7 1NH)

                                    London Muslim Centre (46-92 Whitechapel  Road, London E1 1JX)

                                    Shree Sanatan Hindu Mandir (Ealing Road, Wembley, Greater London HA0 4TA)

                                    Jamyang Buddhist Centre (The Old Courthouse, 43 Renfrew Road, London, SE11 4NA)

                                    Jehovah`s Witnesses (IBSA House, The Ridgeway, London,Greater London NW7 1RN)

                                    Judaism: Tikun (1117 Finchley Road, London, Greater London NW11 0QB)

 Transport and Travel  (National Express)  

                               (Green Line information about coaches)

                                 (British Railway, Information about trains)

                                  (Plan your journey in London by Tube, Rail,and

                                                                  Bus using the  interactive map)


                                        (Economy airlines; a cheap way of travelling to Europe)

Trips & Entertainment (Trip organiser)  (Student travel agent)

                              (All about living and travelling in Britain)


                                       (Information about all sorts of social activities in London)

Embassies in Britain       Please check Diplomatic list for UK embassy contact details:


Other Practical/Websites (Medical advice on health in the UK) 

                                              (Check your letters or parcel by recorded delivery or

                                                                      address or postcode).

                                 (This site has street and road maps for the whole of the UK)

Local Communities         City of London;   

                                        City of  Westminster


                                  Camden London Borough Council

You can find further websites by clicking here  Useful  websites

  Student Support

♦  Disability Support

♦  Appointments

♦ Assistance With Finding Employment

Disability Support

Global London College offers support and personal care to all the students and members of staff who have any kind of disability or dyslexia. Please feel free to speak to a member of the welfare team who will assist in arranging personal tutors trained to deliver teaching to students of special needs. The college has got disabled access in its campus where help is also available for wheelchair users. Guided use of all college facilities for people with disability is provided. Additionally, the college strictly condemns any form of discrimination against disabled people and has strong procedures in place for punitive actions against offenders. The college has security presence; thereby the assistance for disabled people starts from the entrance doors. 

 Basic inquiries can be dealt with by telephone and email. For more detailed and wide-ranging inquiries, we prefer that students book an appointment to see a welfare officer on a one-to-one basis. At busy times it might be difficult to arrange an appointment. 

The welfare team will handle any inquiries sensitively and in confidence. Students will usually continue to see the same adviser throughout their time at the College. 

How to book an appointment
To book an appointment, please contact the reception, with your availability:

Tel: 0207-583-7626