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Lecture skills


Lecture skills: Taking notes                                                   6pm    
You are going to hear a public lecture in Gresham College (5 mins from GLC) called:
BBC: Defending Public Interest
Before listening:
Discuss the following questions in pairs or small groups:
·         What do you know about the BBC?
·         Compare it to the media in your country.
·         What do you think is meant by “defending public interest”,
          and how does this relate to the BBC?
·         Is there anything you would like to find out in the lecture?
While listening:
Take notes. Use the key you have been given for symbols and abbreviations. Be careful with how you organise your notes.
After listening:
•  Give the notes to your teacher to check.
•  Write a short summary of the main points from the lecture.
•  Discuss in small groups: a) What you have learnt and b)
•  whether you agree with the speaker’s opinion.
•  Based on your teacher’s feedback, how can your notes be improved?