Student Resources

Below is a list of recommended webpages to be used as further learning resources for current and potential students.

Exploring the UK

Advice and information about visiting the UK –

Things to do in London –

A guide to Transport for London –

Official London tourist guide –

UK train timetables –

London transport website –

UK coach timetables and booking –

English Study Resources

Breaking news, latest news and current events –

BBC news website –

English Spelling and Vocabulary –

ITV Catch up (only available when in the UK) –

BBC iPlayer (only available when in the UK) –

Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary –

English Phrasal Verbs –

Word Reference –

LCDOE Dictionary –

Pronunciation dictionary –

Synonym/antonym dictionary –

Visual dictionary –

A fun study site for English students –

Grammar quizzes –

Vocabulary games and quizzes –

Self-study English Vocabulary quizzes –

Randall`s ESL Cyber Listening Lab –

BBC Podcasts –

ESL Podcasts –

BBC Learning Pronunciation –

English File Intermediate: Pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and more –

British Council: phonemic chart –

ESL Video: Songs and quizzes –

The New York Times –

USA Today –

BBC Learning English Radio –

BBC Learning English –

Advice about studying in the UK –

Advice about studying in the UK –

Examinations and further study

Exam practice –

UK higher education applications –

Cambridge examinations –

IELTS examinations –

TOEFL examinations –

TOEIC examinations –


UK Border Agency –

Teacher Training Sites

Dave`s ESL Cafe –

Agenda web: TEFL exercises –

Adele`s ESL Corner –

English Club for TEFL teachers of English –

Eleaston amterials for teaching English –

TEFL games –

TEFL Lesson Plans –

ESL Stories and Resources –

Useful ELT articles, lesson plans, ideas, handouts –

Articles, lesson plans, ESOL stuff, CLIL, Grammar ideas etc –

Follow the links for articles and lesson ideas –

Regular articles about topics like classroom management –

Lesson plans and resources to be used in class. Lots of great stuff –

A comprehensive site including resources and news groups –

A very good site from the BBC and British Council –

Create your own crossword puzzles –

Grammar and vocab worksheets –

Song lyrics –

For coursework support materials: Inside Out –

For coursework support materials: Headway –

For coursework support materials: English File –

For coursework support materials: Total English –

For coursework support materials: Cutting Edge –

For links to other sites –

English Coursebooks

Inside Out:

English File:

Natural English:


Cutting Edge: