Why Choose Us

Global London College is a modern college with up-to-date facilities and a forward-looking perspective. The College is committed to building a learning community where staff and students freely interact in a vibrant and informal academic atmosphere. An excellent student experience is at the heart of the College. Here are a further few points that set Global London College apart from other Colleges of similar background:

  • Commitment to quality education,
  • Commitment to a positive learning experience,
  • Unique college setting,
  • Exciting learning environment,
  • Genuine community of learners
  • Supportive staff members.

Caring staff
An understanding of the needs of students and a commitment to a caring philosophy is at the heart of how members of staff at the College approach their work with students.
High quality learning experience
Students are assured highly focused lectures with sharp objectives delivered to reasonable study groups for maximum participation. Lecturers will maintain high demand of student involvement based on learning through dialogue and the acceptance of responsibility for one`s individual learning.
Historic surroundings
Global London College is situated on Fleet Street, world famous home of British newspapers until 1980. It is also the home of the Royal Courts of Justice. St Pauls Cathedral is  walking distance from the College.
Mission Statement
We are a dynamic learning community working in an environment of respect and inclusion with total commitment to individual learning. We are committed to the delivery of high-quality programmes and the achievement of their outcomes, and in doing so make Global London College the first place of choice for students from all over the globe.

 College Facilities
The College library open from 08:30-19:30. Our Library staff will be delighted to give you advice in selecting the most appropriate books, cassettes, CD or materials to help you with your studies. 
The Library has lots of information about London, such as travel, places to visit and nightlife. The Library also acts as a study and resource centre- you can study there before or after your lessons, and you can borrow books and other resources to continue your studies at home. You can keep in touch with your friends and family and surf the World Wide Web in our Broadband Internet area on the second floor of the College.The student meeting room is a popular place for our students. You can get hot and cold drinks, all at very reasonable prices.