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Global London College is a quality education centre located in the heart of London, a vibrant city with one of the largest student population in the UK. We understand that international students come to the UK for a variety of reasons. We design our English courses to help the students adjust to living and studying in Britain, but we also do our best to make the experience enjoyable, memorable and fun, both in and out of the classroom.

This document aims to provide information advice and guidance that will help you get the most out of your study experience in London by preparing for your stay before you leave home.


When to arrive in the UK?

We recommend that you arrive about a week before your course is scheduled to start. This gives you sufficient time to recover from your journey, to get to know your way around, and settle into life in London. If you have a choice of dates, try to come on a weekday, so if you encounter any problems we are available to help.
If you anticipate a late arrival please tell us by fax or email when we can expect you. However, College regulations state that we are only able to accept students up to one week after the start of lectures, which means that you should be in a position to commence your studies by the second Monday after the date of registration.

If you know that you will not be here in time, you may wish to delay your journey until close to the next start date.

When booking flights to the UK, you may be able to get a discounted student airfare. Show your travel agent proof of student status such as your Visa Application Document or the visa itself. Once you have booked your flight you can go ahead and reserve your accommodation.

Transfer from the airport to your accommodation

There are various ways to find your way from the airport into London. If you are arriving late at night or early in the morning or you would like the easiest option, you can order a taxi in advance. If you would like us to arrange this service (which will cost approximately £65) please use the booking form in the Arrival Pack (which will be sent to you upon registration).

What to bring with you

Making sure you bring all items that you need to help you settle in quicker. Ultimately you decide what you will need to bring and what you can find here once you arrive, but we have made the following suggestions.

♦ British weather is generally quite mild (not too hot or cold) but can be very unpredictable and changeable; it can be sunny when you wake up and pouring with rain by mid-morning. Bring adequate rain protection and cold weather clothing if you can.

♦ For various reasons, you will need passport-sized photos which may be more expensive in the UK than at home.

♦ In order to open a bank account once you arrive, you may need to show proof of your overseas address and a letter of recommendation from your bank in your home country.

♦ Copies of your qualifications, in order to register with the examination bodies.

♦ A calculator and an English dictionary

♦ Your CV and a reference letter from a former employer or teacher can help in applying for part time work.

♦ A medical letter, if you have any pre-existing conditions (such as epilepsy, diabetes etc.)

First Time Student Arrivals 10 Top Tips

As part of your preparations for your studying in the UK this year, Border Force want to make sure you have everything you need to get through the UK border as efficiently as possible. Follow these top tips for a smooth journey through the UK border:

  1. Have your passport ready.
  2. Ensure you complete a landing card (if a non EEA National).
  3. Have your university Certificate of Acceptance Studies (CAS) number ready. If you don`t

have a CAS number please brings details of your course of study.

  1. Keep any medical documentation, recent bank statement and details of where you are staying in your hand luggage, we may ask to see this information.
  2. Do not bring in any meat or dairy products from outside the EU.
  3. There are also restrictions on other food products such as fish, eggs and honey, as well as some fruit, vegetables and plants (e.g. bulbs, seeds, cut flowers and tree bark).
  4. There are also restrictions on the amount of tobacco, alcohol and gifts you can bring in the UK. If you exceed your duty-free allowance and do not declare them, all of your items could be taken away from you.
  5. Never bring in counterfeit goods, illegal drugs, offensive weapons or indecent or obscene material. Some items are restricted and will require a licence or permit.
  6. You must declare any sums of cash of £ 10.000 or more (or the equivalent in another currency) if you are travelling from a country outside the European Union.

10. Never give false or misleading information (including forged or counterfeit documents).

Reporting to Global London College

You should report to the college reception for registration at 10am on the day stated in your letter of enrolment. It is important that you bring the following with you:

♦ Your letter of enrolment or Visa Application Document

♦ Any tuition fees that are due

♦ Your passport (if you are a non-EU national)

♦ Your address (with postcode) and telephone number in the UK

♦ Your overseas address.

♦ Your original certificates and transcripts from your previous education

On this day you will meet the College Welfare Officer to whom you will pay any fees which are due and who can give advice on how to manage your finances.
You will also have your photograph taken for our records and for the Global London College (GLC) Identity Card. You will then see the Examinations Officer who will explain academic matters, as well as issue you with a Global London College (GLC) Induction Pack. Please take the time to read it carefully as it contains a large amount of useful information for your course, and life in London.

On the Friday following Registration day you must attend the Induction given by the Principal or Head of Department. At the Induction you will be given:

♦ Your timetable

♦ Letter to help you open a bank account

♦ London Underground Travel card application form.

Classes will commence the following Monday. Have a safe journey and we look forward to seeing you in the near future!

Make sure these documents are presentable and easily accessible.
If you are a national of any of the following countries you may be asked to register with the Police within 7 days of arrival. Ask at the College for details of how to do this.

Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, North Korea, Oman, Palestine, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, UAE, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Yemen.


Students must participate in the learning activities and arrive for their classes on time.

Students must attend 100% of classes. A record of students’ attendance is taken for reference when students apply for an extension of their visas. The regulations for language schools require that the College takes responsibility for reporting, to the Home Office, the students who have registered and then failed to attend without any acceptable reasons.

  • If students fail to attend their course, do not respond to warnings (verbal and written) and fail to provide reasons for their absence, the College will report them to the Home Office after one month of absence.
  •  If no prior notice is given and no proof provided for extended absence (such as GP or hospital letter of sickness), the period of time

The student did not attend class will be regarded as an unauthorised absence. According to the rules and regulations set out by the HOME OFFICE UK  all  full time students must attend  for at least 85% of their classes and failure to do so can lead to loss of the visa and in some cases deportation.

 Further regulations pertaining to attendance, monitoring of attendance and reporting of absences can be found in the GLC Student Handbook


What follows is a summary of Global London College’s Health and Safety Policy. The purpose of this document is to make students aware of their responsibilities to uphold general health and safety standards. Our full Health and Safety Policy is available on request.

 Key Student Health and Safety Responsibilities

  • Exercise personal responsibility for the safety of themselves and classmates.
  • Observe standards of dress consistent with safety and/or hygiene (e.g. do not wear unsuitable footwear, do not bring knives and other items considered dangerous).
  • Observe all the safety rules of the College and in particular the instructions of teaching staff given in the unlikely event of an emergency.
  • Use and not wilfully misuse, neglect or interfere with things provided for his/her safety.
  • All students have the responsibility of reporting any hazard to their teacher.

Accidents, Incidents & First Aid

When someone is injured or taken ill whilst on the premises during working hours the company First Aider will be called to attend.

A First Aid box is kept in the Reception and access to it will be granted on request.

If an accident is caused by a hazard, the member of staff who is first on the scene should ensure that the area is made safe for all students. The member of staff concerned should then inform the Administrator who must immediately take action to remove (or block access to) the hazard until the area is made safe.

Accidents will be investigated by the Health and Safety Officer. If the accident is serious, the Principal will carry out an investigation and ensure that remedial action is taken.

Electrical Hazards

If any student discovers an electrical hazard, he/she must inform their teacher immediately.

No Smoking Policy

The College is a no-smoking area. This applies to events held on the premises, too.

 Fire Drills

A fire drill will be carried out every 6 months. When the bell sounds all staff and students should leave the building by the nearest available route and assemble in GOUGH SQUARE. Teachers will be responsible for taking out their class registers and accounting for their students. (Appendix 1: Fire Evacuation Plan) During Induction all students will be shown the available escape routes and the assembly point


The College fully supports the concept of equal opportunities and we are committed to satisfying these principles in all our activities and materials.

The College is committed to equal opportunities for all employees and students in education, training and employment. It is the College’s clear intention that every reasonable step shall be taken to ensure that employees and students are not discriminated against on the grounds of race, religion, disability, age, gender or sexual orientation. They also have the right to expect reasonable protection from aggression, bullying, violence or harassment by any other student or member of staff, irrespective of his/her seniority. Further information regarding the GLC Equal Opportunity Policy can be found in the GLC Full student hand book or via the GLC website.


Additional Learning Support

On enrolment students are encouraged to indicate whether they have additional needs that can be supported through their time at the College.

Support will be provided for students who identify themselves as needing additional support such as Dyslexia, Impaired Mobility etc.

 Students may have other conditions affecting their studies i.e. epilepsy, asthma. Students are advised to call us for advice on the support available.

 Note In order to qualify for special consideration, students will have to present the college with a valid medical assessment from a recognized doctor. The College will endeavor to identify a student’s special requirements. However, the responsibility for initiating these arrangements lies wholly with the student. The College will help as much as possible in making special arrangements, but the financial burden lies wholly with the student.

Exemption to the above rules can be found on the GLC website and in the GLC Student Handbook.


 Students should cultivate good habits in study as well as in life. Breach of regulations is not acceptable, severe breaches will be punished. In extreme cases, the student may be expelled from the College.


Please abide by the classroom regulations for not coming late or leaving early. Please do not leave the classroom during classes without permission. Mobile phones must be switched off. Please follow teachers’ orders and do not interrupt lessons.

Anti-Social Behaviour:

Any incident of violence is a breach of College regulations and the student will be excluded from the College permanently with no right of refund.

Smoking, fighting, gambling, drug abuse and alcohol drinking are forbidden in the College.

 Food and Drink:

Students may remain in the classroom during breaks; however, they are not allowed to consume food in the classrooms.

Please note: Nothing but water may be consumed during classes.

Damage to Property:

Do not damage the desks, books, walls or equipment. Any damage to College property will be compensated for by the student who caused the damage.


College computers are primarily for educational purposes: If you are merely surfing and another student wants to study, please move.

DO NOT detach the computer LAN cables and connect your personal laptop.

DO NOT use our computers to download software and music.


Please take care of College property and maintain the sanitation of the classrooms. Waste paper and disposable cups must be thrown into the bin. Students are responsible for keeping their immediate work area clean and tidy. Please remember to flush the toilet, turn off the tap and switch off the light.

Dress Code

Global London College believes that all students should be allowed to dress according to their personal taste and convictions, provided that the clothing is suitable for a public space. We therefore request the students refrain from wearing clothing with provocative statements, sunglasses, and other casual headgear that prevents the student’s face from being visible.

 Politics and religion

Activities such as political campaigning and religious proselytising should not be carried out on the College premises. However, students are entitled to express their political and religious beliefs in a reasonable manner.

Tuition Fees and Costs

Students will pay for all costs and tuition fees themselves. The College will not pay any costs; neither do we act as a guarantor for students. Students do not receive any medical insurance from the College. All medical expenses will be paid by the students themselves.


Global London College has a transparent policy on refunds and college transfers. This policy provides guidelines as to when Global London College can refund a deposit payment or course fees. It will also offer advice about the type of documents that are needed for a refund application to be processed successfully.

For full policy please click: Refund Policy 

 Transfer Policy

Transfer within the College:

In general, courses are non-transferable. Once a student has enrolled for a particular course they cannot transfer to another one because it may require a fresh UKVI application in some cases. Exceptions to this rule would include English courses or requiring additional courses to support their learning.

If a student does wish to transfer their enrolment after a course has started to another course at the College the following must be satisfied:

1) Interview with the student

2) No more than 1 month has passed since the course commenced,

3) UKVI notification has taken place,

4) Additional Change of Course Registration has been paid, in which case any balance of the course fee paid will be transferred to the new course.

Transfer to another learning institution

No fee transfers will be made to other learning institutions.

Transfer between students:

No transfer fees between students are allowed.


The College will refund all the tuition fees a student paid if the College cancels the agreed course before it starts.

  • If the College cancels the course at any time after it commences but before its completion, the College will refund the unused tuition fees that the student paid.


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